Tech for Curious is a blog which spreads the knowledge related to technology and skill. The skills required from academics to daily life are brought to the readers. From programming to daily life gadgets, you get to learn about everything here.

The Author

Anil Kumar is a research scholar, tech enthusiast, programmer, blogger and book lover. He has done graduation and post graduation in physics. He is current pursuing PhD. in High Energy Physics. He is also an author of astronomy blog astrointerest.  He is interested in the application of physics to daily life problems. He has worked on various programming languages and tools like C, C++, Python, VPython, Fortran, MATLAB, GNU Plot, HTML, CSS, PHP, LATEX, ROOT (CERN), LINUX, Windows, Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Pinta, Photoshop, Inkscape, Kdenlive,  and Arduino etc.


The vision of Tech for Curious is to share the experiences gained by a research scholar during his journey as a student. All the experiences are discussed starting from knowing nothing more than few algebraic equations from the school textbook to the scientific world of the physics community. Anyone can enjoy science, one just needs to get proper guidance at the proper time.

Tech for Curious shares various tools and skill required by a physics student like programming, graphing, simulation, and writing etc. There are many graph plotting software which makes life easier and analysis efficient if you know about them in the early stage of student life.


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