How to Install VPython 7 in Python3 in Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)?

VPython 7 is the latest version of VPython which can be used with Python3 in Ubuntu 18.04. VPython installation using pip in Python3 has been explained in this tutorial.

Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) is a latest version of Linux distribution Ubuntu. Python 2.7 has been upgraded to Python3 in Ubuntu 18.04. If you want to used latest version, VPython 7 then you can go for one of the three methods:

  • Online compilation on website like GlowScript.
  • Installing VPython 7 on Python 2.7 with Jupyter Notebook Environment.
  • Installing VPython 7 on Python3.

The first method is straight forward, you just have to go to online compiler and run your code there. Since, new Ubuntu is having Python3, I would like to use third method to install VPython 7.

Pip3 installation in Python3

Now the VPython is available as a module in Pip. You can install various modules in python through Pip. In Python 2.7, we use Pip whereas Pip3 should be used for Python3. You can install Pip3 by using following command in terminal

sudo apt install python3-pip

VPython 7 installation in Python3 through Pip3

Now Pip3 is installed in Python3, so we can proceed to install VPython 7 with following command

pip3 install vpython

It will take some time to download and install vpython. Once the VPython installation is finished it is ready to use.

Running VPython 7

After the VPython installaltion, you can test it in terminal itself. First open python3 by typing following command in terminal


Now, a new enviroment will open in terminal where you can see python version and other information. In this new environment, you can type any python command. Now lets import VPython and create a box.

from vpython import*
VPython7 Python3 Ubuntu terminal
VPython7 in Python3 terminal in Ubuntu 18.04. (Source: Tech For Curious)

Now a new tab will open in your browser where you can see a white box which can be rotated with mouse.

Box VPython7 Browser
Box in VPython7 which opens in Browser.

If you have question, please feel free to use comment box.

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